i can’t save you, but i can love you (and that’s kind of the same thing, right?)

i can’t make those fires go away and they are still going to burn like hell.

i can’t stop the water from flooding your basements traveling up the stairs to your bedroom and wrecking old photographs

i can’t hide your heart from anyone without gentle hands and good intentions

i can’t save you from the thorns as you walk through rose bushes and I can’t promise my love won’t leave similar cuts

i can’t take away the hurt life has been throwing at us since we took our very first breaths


i can let you see the softness behind my sharp edges and carry bandaids and peroxide to care for the cuts I will inevitably cause

i can hold your hand through the heat of the fires and have ice water ready when the burns get too painful to handle on your own

i can clean up the mess the flood leaves behind and take tons of new pictures to fill the destroyed photo albums 

i can hold your heart long enough for it to recover from the fights it had to endure

i can wait on the other side of the bushes and remind you that the smells of the roses were worth it
i can’t stop the hurt or prevent the pain


i can promise to have my first aid kit in my backpack for whenever you need it

Published by

Nic Rasmussen

A Brooklyn-based poet who has a lot of feelings and writes about them quite often.

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