Blistered Hands

my blistered hands
have forgotten what it felt like to
reach for something that isn't
running in the opposite direction

forgive me if i doubt your love
for i have never held something
that didn't slip through my fingers
whenever i looked away

every time i wake with
a kiss on my cheek and
my heart safely in your hands

you are giving me
a break from
reaching because
you are
right here

Haiku #13

You are poetry,
words too beautiful to write,
not spoken but felt.

Can we make a deal?

If you want to talk or
need a friend,
text me.
Call me.
Come to my house.
I will find you a meal and we can
talk over food
or take a walk and
not stop moving until you’re
too tired and ill carry you
back and lie you down in my bed.
We can talk until you don’t
want to anymore or until a
smile appears on your face.
I want to help you.
Just let me help you.

Haiku #8

Because I’m different.
That’s why you’re ignoring me.
That’s why you hide me.